Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

What a month! I'm so looking forward to finishing up my master's program and having a normal sleep schedule. Ugh! Having too little sleep these past six months has really affected my game in the box, but I know I'm almost finished with school and I have to keep my eye on the prize! After October, it'll be game time. I'm going to train for the ACO and perhaps Sectionals after that, I want to take a martial art (probably Jujitsu or Tae Kwon Do), and I want/need to take Spanish language classes. So much to look forward to! Plus, I'm helping to pioneer an over-age high school that opens this fall. I'm the department chair and an instructional leadership team member. While there is much to do to prepare and maintain so that the students and school are successful, I truly and wholeheartedly believe in this program, and I am committed to doing all I can to make it successful.

Okay, about WODs! Monday's was the KB swing/DU one we did in January, and it was weird but during the movements, I was sure I was doing much better on the DUs than last time, but I actually got less reps. I knew I bombed the KB swings--I think I tweaked my lower back on the back squats (medium-heavy 3, which I did at 145#), so I was pretty ginger on the swings. Total reps: 206, but I know I got at least 20-30 more in January. Sleep is such a make-or-break factor in working out!!!

Tuesday's WOD: A fun Father's Day chipper (more like a sledgehammer!)
100 ft walking lunge (of course my knees got scraped and bruised)
50 burpees
75 ab-mat situps
20 HSPUs (used 1 abmat and a green bumper)
100 air squats
30 pull-ups
50 box jumps (used 20" box and thought I'd die!! These sucked so much, probably because of all the squats.)
Time: 19:58

I'd wanted to finish within 20 minutes, so I did accomplish that goal (barely!), and the pull-ups felt so much easier this time. I remember a brutal Saturday chipper that involved 30 pull-ups--started and ended with them, and those last 30 were the hardest thing ever! This time, I easily strung 5-6 in a row before dropping to rechalk, shake it out, etc. I'm anxious to do more skill work on MUs, though, but I do need to work on OHS as well. I can OHS 95# x3, but I want to be able to do Nancy rx'd (65#) and not wuss out. It's a mental game for sure... Lots to improve on!! I have a week off from class next week (still have three assignments due this week, which I have to do while in OH visiting fam/friends), so I hope I can get more quality skill work/WODing in.

Oh and I went to Lancaster's box (Crossfit CODE) this morning at 6. They did the main-site WOD, but we used barbells instead of dumbbells and abmats instead of GHDs (this box doesn't have GHDs yet for some reason). So, 3 rounds AQAP of 15 thrusters (I used 75, which felt like a lot more after the first round) and 30 situps. I finished in 11:47, which I feel is too slow, but I had to drop the bar after every 3-4 reps on the last rounds. Thrusters are icky!

Well, time for a shower and school work (and maybe a nap--had four hours of sleep last night and couldn't really fall asleep).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One step closer to a MU

Wooo, went this morning to the box to help out with setting up WOD in the Park, and I decided to just go up to the rings and try to get a MU. Well...I did one! According to Bobby, it was a jumping one because my feet were touching the ground. But I'm happy about the fact that I can do it! Did another one and tried a few kipping ones. Mel taught me a great skills move to practice to get the second part of the transition, so I'm going to go in tomorrow (maybe) and practice, practice, practice!

WOD in the Park was fun but hot, although there was a nice breeze. Now it's time to focus and finish up this week's assignments. Maybe I'll allow myself a movie today...just for my sanity.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As you can see, I finally PR'd on snatch 1RM today! In the past, I always suffered from a mental block when I got past 80# on this lift, but today I was determined not to let that happen. So I PR'd by 10# and snatched 90#. :)

Met-con was crazy but fun in a way: 300m row, 20 ring dips, 300m row, 20 ring dips, 300m row. I subbed dips on the GHDs with my feet on a 20" box because every time I do ring dips with a band, my foot cramps up and basically debilitates me for the rest of the workout. I can string two to three unassisted dips together, but that would not have been enough for this WOD. I finished in 6:22--not bad, although I know I could have finished faster if I hadn't totally run out of gas on the second to last 100m on that final row. Geeeeez, I kept my pace between 1:50-1:55 but that 100m, I was pulling between 2 and 2:05! Ugh! Anyway, happy that I finished before 6:30.

Kason left for OCS on Wed. so I've tried to keep my chin up and just focus on finishing this school year up (next week is my last one! YAY!) and earning an A in this current grad course. Haven't had quality sleep or enough of it in so long...I can't remember the last time! Looking forward to having just grad school and WODing to do. :) Can't wait for the WOD in the Park tomorrow! It should be a blast, and I hope that one of my students who expressed interest in going actually shows up. Okay, back to my assignment.