Monday, January 3, 2011


Hope everyone's 2011 is going well so far! Back to the grind for me...well, I had to create a narrative using this week's new vocabulary words. Here it is (although I'm not sure where I was going with it, but remember it's written for 20+-year-old students):

Close your eyes. Imagine the most spectacular light-show your eyes have ever beheld. Emerald greens, richly dark purples, garish reds, nearly neon yellows: all exploding and sparkling before your dazed corneas. Where are you standing? Or are you sitting? Lying down? No matter. Does it seem plausible that you have stumbled into a Disney World Electric Parade? Oh wait, you're an adult! You can't admit to that unless you want your cool friends to disavow their relationship with you, that and your outrageous fantasy might induce fantastic panic among these exceptionally awesome individuals. Never mind their implicit trust in the social networking system called Facebook, where they have a 100 gazillion trillion "friends" and are therefore superawesomecoolrad.

Oh yeah, and I PR'd on the Chief today--used 88# which is 13# more than last time we did it. My PR wasn't too big but it was still more reps than I did last time! Got 17 rounds plus 3 cleans and 6 pushups. Now that I can do pushups rx'd in WODs (never thought that'd ever happen!), I feel so much better/worse. I love not having to do knee pushups, but my chestal muscles and triceps hate me for days afterward. Oh, BTW, I did the 150 pushups for time WOD where you have to run a 400 each time you pause/have to shake it out/etc. I finished all 150 rx'd in 26:41 and ran over 2 miles (LOL)--9 400s. But last time we did this one, I stopped at 100 and could barely get them all out rx'd. Love progress!!!