Monday, February 28, 2011

New Leaf

Been a while, I know. TAKS planning, grading, new LPAC chair position, new mother to tutor, etc. have kept me crazy busy. I have also started practicing Bikram yoga (thank you, Howard!!!), which has presented an awesome new challenge and caused soreness in brand-new areas that CF never provided. Speaking of CF, I have finally heeded my inklings and desires and joined CF Deep. After more than two weeks of wod-less days filled with Bikram, Double Fran was NOT the ideal wod to return to!!! As soon as I walked toward the box, I saw people doing thrusters and pull-ups, and the panic set in. FRAN! Then I see Pat, and he laughs at me and says that it's DOUBLE Fran! I almost peed myself, bolted, and drove home. But I didn't. Several people already saw me (darn it!!!), plus Mel was expecting me. I couldn't bail with all that at stake. So I stayed. And suffered. A lot. Did my first go at rx'd weight but at the wise suggestion from Mel, used the thinnest band (thinner than red) for my pull-ups. Geez I'm glad I listened to her, although I'll admit my cockiness reared its ugly head a bit. Until I got totally schooled. First set of 21 thrusters and pull-ups wasn't too bad...but the set of 15 felt like torture. My grip got so bad that I could do only doubles, then singles. Switch-gripping did nothing to help me out. I finished in 9:42. Then there was five minutes of rest before I had to do it all over again! I wanted to go home and skip the second part. But Mel was still there, plus the lifting coach and other coaches I've known for a while. I couldn't not finish the wod. I swallowed my pride and let Mel take off the 10s. Took almost 15 minutes to finish the second Fran. Ugh! I used just the barbell (45#) and a red band that time. Let me tell you, doing single pull-ups 21, 15, and 9 times really sucks. My hands and shoulders are still shaky, and I can't grip properly. It was interesting trying to towel-dry my hair. But you know, I am so pumped up and looking forward to the next ass-kicking!!!

An interesting note about CF Deep: Members are expected to learn everyone's name by the end of the warm-up (for that class). That's just awesome.