Friday, August 13, 2010


I need a plan to get me going on these lesson plans and FINAL graduate course assignments. I do have two more days left of "break" before I return to work full-time (no kiddos, just on-campus training and teacher prep days) and start my class, but I feel like I need to be getting my tush in gear for the crazy next two months. But I can't get myself going! I think I'm making myself wait to see if Kason returns this weekend. Either he comes back or finishes his OCS training all the way to October. I feel like I "can't" decide my next move until I know exactly when he'll be back with me. :/

Well, I finally got my Implanon inserted yesterday morning. Truth be told, I did feel a bit anxious lying there with my arm in position. But my doctor is an expert at using needles and scalpels without causing pain or discomfort--didn't feel a thing!! The only pain I felt was the nervous energy in my stomach before the actual procedure, the not knowing. But even the prick of the needle that delivered the lidocaine was nothing. Getting my blood drawn imparts much more discernible sensations. Then my doc made a small incision to facilitate the insertion, and she was finished with everything before I knew it. There was an intern who came in to observe the procedure, and I guess it was too much for her, poor thing. She had to leave the room! I'll admit--when I watched a YouTube vid of the process, I did feel a bit squeamish. I kept my eyes glued to the ceiling when I actually had it done--that definitely helped. The doc made a compression wrap for my arm, which looked pretty bad-ass! :) But it started itching by night time, so I was happy to be able to remove it this morning. I get to take the bandaid off tomorrow morning--kinda curious to see what it'll look like under there! I have an interesting bruise at the site where the front end of the rod was inserted. Amy, what's the reason behind it? :) Anyway, I'm totally happy that I don't have to take a pill everyday anymore, and I just have to get this little guy replaced every three years. I don't like to think about the removal procedure though...lots of possible complications, including scar tissue and the like. But I'll worry about that in 2013. :) I have to wait until Monday to workout (no dirt or sweat allowed--Staph is no fun!), and then I have to wait a week before I can do anything involving arms. I foresee lots of running, air squatting, and situp-ing in my future! Not too bummed about that, though--I got a 10# PR on clean and 5# PR on jerk on Wednesday: 125# clean; 135# jerk. :D I could do only 35 pullups (5 unbroken at a time) in 2 minutes, though, but that's my usual Tabata number, so I guess that makes sense.

Going to be a fun day tomorrow--going to the Dallas Convention Center to witness some CF greatness at a friendly competition, as well as live MMA fights (woohoo!!!). Okay, I'm motivated to go clean now, especially if Kason returns this weekend.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hi y'all!

Smell that? That, my friends, is the smell of freedom. Granted, it's not complete freedom--I do have brand-new English classes to create lesson plans for within these next two weeks, but I have a week off from graduate school! This class I just finished was by far the most demanding, yet the most rewarding. It took me a while to really get the hang of all the jargon and whatnot of research proposal-writing, but five weeks later, I feel like I know much more about my profession, my potential as an educational researcher, and myself personally. August 16 will be the first day of my capstone course. October 10 will be my last day of graduate school!!! I can't believe how quickly this past year and some change have gone by! Of course, while I was in session, I felt like I'd never get to the end, but looking back, I am so incredibly proud and grateful for this opportunity to extend my knowledge and expertise--I feel like I can be a better teacher for my students and really see who they are, what they need, and how important they are to this country's future (hell, to the world's future!). Gotta go finish my research proposal...brb.

Goal accomplished! 47 pages later (that includes cover page and six appendices), I now feel like I can conquer the world, muahahahahaaaaaa!!! But my brain is too tired to do that at the moment. :{

Workouts have been hit-and-miss since my last post, but I did PR on push press (115#), 400m sprint (1:19 from 1:25), and OHS x3 (99# and got 110# x2). Overall, I'm not eating enough and definitely have not been as Paleo as I would like/need to be (I blame grad school!!!!). Sleep deprivation took its toll on quite a few of the doozies, like "Amanda" and the 800m run/150 DUs/50 box jumps/150 DUs/800m hell WOD we did a few weeks ago. Definitely sucked big-time!!! The latest awful WOD was on Wednesday--7 rounds of 5 push presses and 15 unbroken wall ball shots. OMGGGGGG! I used 83# because all the 45 barbells were taken (not that the extra 2# would have made much of a diff--it still sucked!!!). Finished in 13:36 with many of those seconds spent with my hands on my knees. Ack!

Today, we did "Gwen," another sucky girl WOD. 15-12-9 of clean & jerk, but you have to do the sets touch-and-go with as much rest as needed in between sets. I used 85# and couldn't turn my mind off for the second set (12 reps). Stopped after 5 and totally bombed out. But I did the remaining 7 unbroken. (I should have done all 12 over again, but Amber was nice and said to just do the rest of my reps.) Final 4 in the last set took so much outta me!! My mental game is so crappy. Definitely gotta work on it before ACO.

All right, time to eat, watch a movie, and SLEEEEEEP! :D