Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After being out of commission for about a week and a half due to strep throat (ugh), I went back to wodding and lifting last weekend. CFU's free WOD was a great break-in: 100 wall ball shots, 400m run with med ball, 150 walking lunges with med ball overhead, 400m run with med ball--all with a partner, and you couldn't drop the ball or y'all had to do 5 burpees each. Partnered with Ryan from Deep and crapped out on the wall shots (only did 45), but I did my fair share of the runs and the lunges. Then I went over to Deep and lifted heavy C&Js (worked up to 90% 3 sets of 1). Failed on my first attempt but got my last two, thankfully. Spencer's cooldown was killer: we had to hold 70% of our jerk 1RM (I used 95#) overhead while walking forward, backward, and to the side on his command. First set wasn't TOO horrible, but my elbows/wrists gave out on me on the 2nd and 3rd sets. Once we got to the side-stepping, I had to let the weight down. Funny that I forgot I'd done 75 overhead walking lunges not even an hour before...:O Then Monday was running Cindy--each round was 400m run followed by 2 full rounds of Cindy, AMRAP in 20 minutes. I got in 4 full rounds, which I was aiming for. Pull-ups still got to me after the 3rd round of Cindy. Not really looking forward to tomorrow's WOD...lots of push presses, box jumps, and KtE. Ready set go!

Oh, yeah, and I got a MINI Cooper. :D I named her Tina, short for Argentine, which means "silvery." I know, I'm a big nerd.