Monday, March 14, 2011

In Good Graces

Hehe, I'm such a nerd. Like my title there? So I did Grace rx'd for the first time today (95# for girls), and I finished in 5:42. Not sure if that's a good time, but I'm happy I didn't take as long as I thought I would. I broke up the 30 reps into 6 sets of 5. I think my Oly lifting classes have really helped me because the 95# didn't really feel bad until about rep 16 or 17. Then it started getting harder to jerk it, plus you don't split jerk on Grace (not as efficient). Before we did Grace, we found a 1RM on C&J. I always dread that because my mind takes over and usually leaves me disappointed. Well, I thought I'd be disappointed today and just get my old 1RM (120#), but after some quality coaching and determination (before he left, Spencer told me he "expected great things" so I couldn't let him down!!), I cleaned the 125#. I think I was surprised to have cleaned it because I made a face, like Whoa! which Russell noticed, too. Then jerking it wasn't too bad, but I do need to work on staying back on my heels so the weight doesn't go forward. So excited to see PRs again! :) And as afraid as I was going in to do Grace rx'd, it was a pleasant surprise to have 95# feel so "easy" for the first 15-16 reps.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another humbling experience

So we did a new hero WOD today..."Blake."
4 rounds for time:
100ft Walking lunge (45#)
30 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
20 Wallball
10 Handstand Pushups

When I first read the blog, I thought it said 100 total walking lunges for four rounds, so I was worrying all day about how the heck I was going to manage that. I wasn't the only one, though! It still sucked doing 100ft of lunges with a 25# weight on my head. I used a small bumper plate so I could rest it on my head while I lunged. Actually, I went with the group that did their lunges outside in the street, and one of the guys discovered that we actually did about 100 more ft than was prescribed. I did everything rx'd except the HSPU, for which I used two abmats although I should have used just one abmat plus a 10lb bumper plate. Details. Well, the first box jumps after the first lunges were nearly impossible. I couldn't feel my legs, so I almost tripped on the box several times. That was a crazy feeling! Then I got a pretty bad cramp in my foot, but I kept going despite that. I wasted a good 45 seconds, though, trying to stretch it out in between movements. By the second round, it had worked itself out, thankfully. Of all the movements, I hated the lunges the most. Of course I have raspberries on my knees even though I did my best to just "kiss" my knees to the ground. When you get tired, you become less graceful and controlled. Total time was 26:23. It was very humbling to have people lap me and finish within 20 minutes. I have a baseline, though! And I've upgraded to unlimited monthly membership. Time to get back to CFing seriously.