Friday, July 8, 2011


Fitness goal for 2012: to qualify for Nationals in Olympic lifting. I've started training at Spoon Barbell with Mel and Bobby, as well as Spencer and Eric--July 2 was my first session with Richard. We trained four days in a row, and I've not been that sore or so excited from physical activity in a long, long time. Straight-legged DL with shrugs had my traps all tight and unyielding, but a good ol' ice bath (first one of many!) helped them as well as my hammies and knees. Per Mel's advice, I've started taking a slew of supplements and adopted a pre-, during, and post-workout regimen. I don't think I've ever taken so many pills in my entire life, but I can definitely understand the need for them. 7/7 I PR'd on clean by 1kg: hit 60kg for doubles for two sets. Then my mind started deteriorating my determination and I kept missing, so I had to go down to 58kg for my final sets. Very humbling and frustrating. My workout partner, Christina, is absolutely awesome. Watching her and learning from her has really helped me better understand how the lifts should look. I have almost mastered the first pull, but I have come to fully comprehend how truly crucial my mental game is to making lifts. If I let my mind wander even a smidgen, I usually don't make the double or triple. Richard tells me I need to have courage and to avoid "clarking the bar" because getting into that habit will hold me back. I have to see and think myself making the lift before I even step to it. I think mastering my mind will be the most challenging aspect of Olympic lifting. I've ordered both Kono's books so I can study and internalize, and ultimately apply, the knowledge I need to get my head right along with the technique. I'm already worried about my work schedule and how my lack of sleep will affect my training. Richard wants me to commit to lifting at Spoon on the weekends and lifting on my own (following his programming) twice during the week. I know I will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve my goals, but I definitely feel like it will be worth it. Watching the talent around me at Spoon Barbell has motivated and inspired me more than crossfit ever did. Next meet is in October at Van Alstyne, where the May meet was. I'll be ready for it.