Monday, January 16, 2012

Texas State Meet

Last Saturday, my 31st birthday, was the Texas State Weightlifting Championships in Alvin, TX. I drove down on Friday evening (what a boring drive! Next year I'm definitely going to fly!) and slept until about 9:15 the next morning. I'd been hovering between 62.7 and 63.2 all week, so I was worried about weigh-in. Thanks to Bobby and Richard's advice, I weighed in at exactly 63kg. I'm thinking about going Zone/Paleo so that weigh-in is the least of my worries on a meet day. Weigh-in was at 2 p.m. with the Open Women's session at 4.

I was seriously nervous about my snatch because only recently have I finally gotten the hang of finishing my first pull. In and since the Copperhead in October, I kept cutting off my first pull, making me cut off my 2nd pull, which ultimately resulted in a miss. I successfully hit 54kg two weeks before the State Meet, which was a 1kg training PR, and I clung to that mental state/remembrance as tightly as I could for the meet. I started at 50, which was easy of course, and then 54 was easy, as well. Richard had me try 57kg, which I should have made. I was too excited from making 54 and started the lift out all wrong--on my toes without rocking back onto my heels. I feel confident that I will have 57 very soon. I'm likely going to compete in Dutch Lowy's Black Box meet next month. With a 4kg meet PR from October, I was feeling rather awesome! Then I had to settle down for the Clean and Jerk.

Warm-ups felt easy, and I opened with 68--already 8kg over my opener in October. I didn't clean 68 as solidly as I would have liked, and my jerk was okay. Teammates said it looked fine. Richard reminded me not to worry about how the lifts feel but whether I make them. Then I hit 71kg--clean was so easy and I put extra drive behind the jerk. I can clean 73kg rather easily and have jerked 75kg in training, so I thought I should be able to C&J 74kg just fine. Well, the clean felt awesome, but I lost focus on the jerk and bailed it behind me. As I was catching my breath at the top of the clean, I thought about my breathing too much, so my dip was way too shallow. I'm going to really work on my jerk for the February meet. Can't complain about a 6kg C&J meet PR, though! Both PRs brought my meet total to 125kg, a 10kg gain from October. Happy birthday to me! Jed was so sweet and got me a birthday cake (with my name on it and everything!) and 3 and 1 candles. Everyone sang to me, and I made a wish. :)

Overall, I'm quite excited about how I did, although I'll admit I keep playing the 74kg jerk over in my head and regretting my miss. It makes me determined, though, to make it the next meet! :) Stay tuned...


  1. Congratulations, Carrie!! And happy belated birthday! You did awesome at the meet. So impressed with you and your commitment to training!

  2. Thanks so much, Jamie! Hope you have been well and are having a great 2012 so far!